Stop Comparing!

I try to make this my mantra, but I do find that I have to remind myself of it on a regular basis. It’s hard to ignore the accomplishments and beauty of others when social media is such a prominent fixture in our lives. I know, as a small business owner, that I tend to compare my success to others, but I have to remind myself of these wise words to bring me peace and allow myself to feel proud of what I have accomplished and created with Wisegirl Weddings. The same needs to go for brides and grooms! There are so many inspirational photos on wedding sites, blogs and social media and it is HARD to see these amazing events and not compare it against one’s own plans, budgetary constrictions or completed event. The idea of impressing you guests, wedding blog editors or internet spectators with one’s wedding can become overwhelming.

Here is my advice for all brides and grooms, in addition to Theodore’s…

Think of what you want to remember when you look back on your wedding day 10 years from now. Jot those elements down and keep it as a reminder of what to focus on during and after planning your wedding. It’s usually more about who’s there to celebrate with you, special personal touches and the overall atmosphere, whether it’s an intimate, relaxed gathering or a bumping party til the suns comes up. But don’t forget to dream! Make a splurge list in order of importance and try to keep an open mind to allow yourself to compromise one element for that must-have element (if you are restricted to a specified budget – don’t worry, most of are)!

Don’t forget, Wisegirl Weddings is here for you, where your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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